How to log in to 2MorrowQuit through Jiff - Health Benefits

If your employer uses Jiff, you will need to use the Jiff Health Benefits app and a smartphone (iOS or Android) to log in to 2MorrowQuit. A good internet connection is recommended. Please follow the instructions below.


Step 1: Download the Jiff - Health Benefits app

If you haven’t already, please download the Jiff - Health Benefits app onto your smartphone or tablet device.


Step 2: Log in or Create your Jiff - Health Benefits account

Open or create your account on the mobile Jiff - Health Benefits app. If you have any problems creating your Jiff account, please reach out to their support team at (We are unable to assist with Jiff app issues, so for any problems with the Jiff app, please contact them.)

Image from iOS (3).png

Step 3: Find and select 2MorrowQuit in the Jiff - Health Benefits app

In Jiff Health Benefits, navigate to your Progress dashboard and find the 2MorrowQuit program. Click to select.

Jiff Homepage Start 2MorrowQuit.png
Jiff Starting 2MorrowQuit - Step 1.png

Step 4: Download 2MorrowQuit

Follow the prompts to download the 2MorrowQuit program. 
You can also find 2MorrowQuit in the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.

Jiff 2MorrowQuit Homepage.png
Jiff Download 2MorrowQuit - Step 2.png

Step 5: Use the Jiff - Health Benefits app to Create your 2MorrowQuit account

Return to the Jiff Health Benefits app and click "Create 2MorrowQuit Account." This will automatically sign you in to the 2MorrowQuit app and connect it to your Jiff account. 

After your account is linked, you will remain logged in and can open the app separately. Give the app a few moments to process the log in. If you get logged out of the 2MorrowQuit app (such as with a phone upgrade) return to the Jiff Health Benefits app to log back in.

Please note: It may say “Link 2MorrowQuit” or other similar language. Any of these actions will create your 2MorrowQuit account.

Jiff 2MorrowQuit Homepage.png
Jiff Get 2MorrowQuit Account - Step 3.png

Things to note:

  • If you see the login page of the 2MorrowQuit app, open your Jiff Health Benefits app to log in. (See step 5.) A separate username and password is not required.

  • 2MorrowQuit will also work on WiFi-enabled tablets running the iOS or Android operating system.

  • There is currently no website or online version of the 2MorrowQuit program. If you do not have a supported device, please check for other smoking or tobacco cessation options through Jiff - Health Benefits.