2Morrow Support for Castlight & Jiff Users

The following page contains information for users of Castlight Mobile or Jiff - Health Benefits who would like to use the 2Morrow Health programs.

Please submit a 2Morrow Support Request if you need assistance with the 2Morrow Health programs. Any issues with the Castlight Mobile or Jiff - Health Benefits apps can be directed to Castlight or Jiff support at support@castlighthealth.com or support@jiff.com, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I log in to 2Morrow Health?

You will need a smartphone and the Castlight or Jiff - Health Benefits app to use our program. The options below will take you to detailed instructions on how to download both the partner app and our app and how to link the two together.

If you are not sure which app your employer is using (Castlight or Jiff - Health Benefits), please ask your HR or Benefits representative or email support@castlighthealth.com and provide them with the name of your employer.

Note: As of January 1st, 2019, all Jiff - Health Benefits customers have been upgraded to the 2Morrow Health app. You may continue to use the 2MorrowQuit app, but to continue to receive benefits through Jiff - Health Benefits, please use the steps below to log in to 2Morrow Health.

+ How can I sign up my spouse or dependent?

Whether or not your spouse or dependents are eligible for the program will be determined by your employer. Please refer to your benefits package or ask your HR or Benefits Manager for details. If your employer does offer our program to spouses and dependents, please refer to Castlight or Jiff for instructions on how to properly sign up your spouse or dependent for their program, and then use the same steps above to get them started on 2Morrow Health.

+ The app is asking for my username and password. Where do I get one?

If you see the login screen of the 2Morrow app, return to your Castlight or Jiff Health Benefits progress dashboard and click “Create (or link) account.” This will open the 2Morrow app and log you in. You can also refer to the instructions at the top of this page for step by step directions and screenshots.

+ I’ve completed some actions. When will I see my points? Where will they show up?

Great! When you complete certain actions you will receive points through the Castlight or Jiff - Health Benefits program. Open the Castlight Mobile or Jiff - Health Benefits app to view your current point totals and to see all the actions you can take to earn points. Navigate to the 2Morrow Health section in Castlight or Jiff - Health Benefits to see actions specific to our programs.

+ I earned my Certificate of Completion. Will my employer be notified? Will my tobacco surcharge be removed?

2Morrow automatically sends your Certificate of Completion to Castlight or Jiff (as appropriate). If your employer is awarding points for completion of our program, please allow a day or two for points or completion to show in the Castlight or Jiff app.

Your employer might require you to take additional steps before waiving surcharges or applying any additional benefits. Please contact your HR or Benefits Manager for details and possible next steps.

+ How long will I have access to the 2Morrow Health program?

2Morrow Health participants have access for 12 months.

+ My 2Morrow app says my account has expired. How do I get access again?

Your employer determines whether or not you can use the program more than once and will schedule program resets. Please ask your HR or Benefits Manager for details on when the next reset date might be.

+ I’m having a problem with the app. How do I get help?

Open the 2Morrow Health app and access the menu at the top right. Clicking on the bug icon will generate an issue report for us that you can email to support. Please include as many details about your issue as possible.

If you cannot open the app, please fill out the support request form below.


2Morrow Support Request Form for Castlight & Jiff Users

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